Adam Audio T5V

Music Production hardware

If you are looking for a two-way nearfield monitor that is optimized for small control rooms or studios, the Adam Audio T5V is a good choice thanks to its affordability, robust characteristics and small footprint. The T5V has a 5″ woofer that extents to 45 Hz and the new U-ART tweeter that goes up to 25 kHz. The precision waveguide in this monitor is the same as the flagship monitor S Series from Adam Audio also helping to significantly provide a wide sweet spot, giving you the chance to still have a favourable reference of sound even if you are not sitting precisely on your mixing chair.

Behind the T5V you will find a rear reflex port for firing bass and a build-in DSP controlled driver crossover, equalization and multi-way analogue connections. The subwoofer is powered by a 50 Watt D class amp and a 20 Watt D class amp for the U-Art tweeter, punching out a staggering 106 bB SPL per pair. The acoustic characteristics of the T5V’s are great, they really adapt well to small rooms and have an outstanding cost/value ratio. They are also recommended to be used in video editing and production as well as radio broadcasts and general audio production.

You can adjust the room acoustic adjustments of the monitors with a high and low shelf filter, this can allow for an optimal adaptation for difficult listening environments or rooms, or making able to adapt it for your individual needs or preferences. IT has XLR and RCA inputs that are optimized for balanced and unbalanced line signals. A two-year warranty with Adam Audios’ optional 3-year extension is available prior registration of the product.

We think you will have a hard time finding a small room or studio monitor that sounds like the T5V and has this design for a similar price tag.

Image: Adam Audio