Akai MPK Mini

music production hardware

The MPK Mini by Akai Japan is a compact and impressive MIDI Keyboard controller that is made and designed with the nomad music producer in mind. Its array of buttons, pads and knobs give you the chance to perform and produce your music in a very intuitive and practical way. It has 25 key velocity-sensitive keys that let you transfer your creativity on a hands-on experience. It has 8 backlit MPC similar pads and 8 knobs to enhance your music productivity. It is the ultimate controller that you can take everywhere.

Thanks to its velocity-sensitive keyboard it allows you to have a dynamical musical expression, letting you access various pitch ranges that you can switch with its octave up and down buttons. It has a built-in arpeggiator along with sustain controls and a top tempo that is also included in the mix. The Akai’s MPK Mini pads are designed and correlated to the professionals MPC line that is well known for its iconic instrumentation. With this great hardware tool you will be able to sample and sequence drum patterns with ease, and also use the pads to transfer note information, MIDI CCs and even to program changes. It has a bank button that can give you access to a pair of banks giving you a total of 16 pads in total.

The MPK mini also comes with 8 assignable q-link knobs that can be assigned to almost any parameter in your DAW software and is completely plug and play ready for Mac’s and PCs. If you want to save your programming parameters it has 4 memory banks and an included software that lets your set the MPK mini’s control settings in no time. This keyboard pad controller is USB powered and does not need to be powered by a wall adapter, making it a real nomad producers tool.

Image: Akai