Alesis E-Drum Total

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The E-Drum Total is a quiet electronic drumkit that has everything you need to start playing out of the box. This version of electronic drums is the most accessible from Alesis, they come with everything you need to start your e-drumming adventures right away. The E-Drum Total is composed of four 6″ adjustable mesh head drums, three cymbals, a kick drum, hi-hat, drum throne, headphones and drumsticks, meaning you have everything to start playing out of the box. A set of foot pedals are also included and can be rolled up and stored if you don’t use them.

The set of E-Drums Total sound fantastic, and mainly it is thanks to the packed sound module that is included. This sound module features 10 drum kit presets paired with 120 individual drum sounds that can be used with intelligent dynamic articulation technology that gives you a supreme realistic sound and ease of play. You can connect the sound module to an external device such as an amp, headphones, or your home sound system. The module also features an integrated drum teacher that includes several tracks that you can play along with vast rhythmic exercises to improve your drumming skills and to make things better you can connect the module with an aux input to jam to your favourite songs.

Alesis teamed with Melodics to give you 60 free lessons via an app that can be taken on your Pc or Tablet. With Melodics you can improve your dimming vocabulary, timings and overall practise, it is a great app that will help you sculpt your musical skills. This E-Drum by Alesis is a great starter kit that is designed from young players but anybody can play them with confidence thanks to its robust and quality components and structure.

Image: Alesis