Alesis Strike Amp 8

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The Alesis Strike Amp 8 is a 2000 watt powered drum amplifier which happens to be the latest version of the Strike amp family. This amp is a great choice if you are looking to amp your electric drum set and the primary use you will give it if for practising your skills at a studio or your home. The Amp 8 holds an 8″ woofer with a built-in mixer making it easy to adjust it whenever it is needed and to blend in the mix with other instrument players in the room.

Strike Amp 8 has is bi-amplified and has enough power to make a presence in any situation. It is a high-performance solution that plays loud and clear and adapts to any situation. It works perfectly if you are recording, rehearsing to performing, this amp has got you back with solid foundations and low-frequency kick that you will love thanks to its beautifully made and adapted 8″ woofer. For the high frequency like the snare drum and cymbals, the amplifier has got a special driver that is computer optimize and really gives that spark and brilliance you expect.

This amp is not only as simple as it sounds, it is a companion that not only functions perfectly for connecting your electronic drums to it but you can also connect it to another Strike Amp 8 or send the sound to another input device. Each input has independent volume control and clip indicator. With the Counter EQ control, you can gue the right tone plus the most interesting thing is that you will never override the amp to distortion, giving toy piece of mind that the amp will work perfectly through the whole bandwidth. Strike Amp 8 comes with 2 XLR / TRS 1/4″ inputs and an XLR output.

Image: Alesis