Computers & Laptops

Music Production Essentials

Nowadays the first question on every musician’s mind when first starting out with music production is, “Which computer should I get?” but there is no “one size fits all” answer. It all comes down to your budget, processing speed and portability. The ideal computer for you might be completely different from some else’s.

As time passes, technology becomes increasingly mobile, desktop computers are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Yet for music production and music recording, desktop computers are still what all the pros continue to use. These kind of computers are generally faster, their larger housing offer room for maximum processing power to meet the high demand of today’s Digital Audio Workstations and plugins as well. They can have more IN’s and OUT’s allowing you to incorporate larger and more sophisticated routings. Having a desktop computer allows for greater customization, like adding more RAM, extra hard drives and additional video cards. Having a separate computer tower can allow you to keep the noise down in a separate room for your studio monitors and microphones.

The one thing that desktop computers lack is portability, and in today’s world of Dj’s and mobile studios the portability of a laptop is crucial. And if you think about it, most of us use a laptop for school or work anyway so it eliminates the need for two separate purchases. Now a controversial decision and topic that spans for decades and still bring debate to the table are, Mac Vs Windows for music production. This unending story typically ends in violent debates so today we are only going to point out some simple and clear differences so you can choose what fits best for you. PC’s on windows are usually cheaper than Mac’s, PC’s are more customizable since they are much easier to modify or supercharge. Some people just like the Windows OS but for particular reasons these days most to the music producers like Mac’s. Whatever is your choice, great music has been created on either one.