Korg Volca Mix

music production hardware

The Volca Mix by Korg is an analogue performance mixer that is designed and thought to complete your Volca setup. It is a four-channel analogue mixer made to perform as a live setup for combining multiple Volva units at the same time. The Volca Mix has easy controls and crisp sounding LO/HI cut filters and a master chain that can make some pretty cool sounds. The great feature found in all volvas is also present in the mixer the sync function. You will also find DC output connectors to give power to up to three of your Volca units. The composition and fabric of the Volca mix are made of robust aluminium and is ready to get on the move.

The output selection on the Vulca Mix provides greater capabilities for both on the performance and home or studio usage. It also has stereo speakers that make it easy and portable to use. The speakers are placed at both sides on the top panel and though they are compact at sight, they do deliver a good sound, better than other Vulca units. With the multiple AUX jack that the unit as you can set up more Vulca units or even connect another gadget, an iOS device or even an instrument. This makes the Vulca Mix interesting and versatile to what it was designed for.

The Volca Mix features an analogue sync out jack to connect more Korg gear with tempo sync and also a button to play tempo knob to control the signal. You can easily enhance your music performance with the Vulca Mix, it is so versatile and user friendly you will get your hands on it in no time. You can unlock more potential with this unit by setting up more Vulva Units and mixing them together.

Image: Korg