Mac Desktops

Music Production Essentials

Mac desktops for music production, Mac Pro, iMac, iMac Pro and the Mac Mini. For studio recording, there’s probably nothing better than de Mac Pro. Have a look into any pro studio and the odds are you’ll find one there. This is because its the only model that’s made to be easily upgradable, whichever part you’re looking to switch. However that Mac Pro up until not very long was just overkill for most of us, whether it was in terms of specs or price.

A new contender on the desktop mac scene is the iMac Pro. This is basically the most powerful mac to date, with the added value that it’s an all in one computer with the monitor built into it. A simple look into fin the base model price will let you know what this computer is all about, but if your faint of heart don’t even look for the fully upgraded model price tag. But if your looking to be set for at least the next decade, making a long term investment on this computer is worth it.

Now for the overwhelming majority of us, the next option on the list is probably the iMac. Not nearly as powerful but sufficient enough to get you started, if you can afford it, it’s probably the ideal choice for most home studios out there. If this is too expensive for you as well, then the Mac Mini has got you covered. Even though it is the base model, the new models and especially the boosted ones are showing surprisingly good performance and even in some cases can outperform the regular iMac. The Mac Mini may not have the speed, power and flexibility of the more expensive models, but it offers the benefits of the OSX for a very modest price.