Native Instruments Maschine Mikro

music production hardware

The Maschine Mikro is a compact version of the well known Maschine, beat-making hardware device. The Maschine Mikro’s mission is to enable you to make beats, play melodies and to produce hit-making tracks while at your home studio, or in this case with the Mikro, on the go. It is gloriously designed and user friendly, making it a flexible hardware device that is fast and reliable to use on its own or connected to your favourite DAW. Use it is as a weapon to trigger your creativeness with inspiring sounds and effect for any musical style, with the full version of Massive, Monark and Reaktor Prism it becomes a production powerhouse.

Its compact size and flexibility make it a great companion for a music producer, tapping out beats or playing melodies on the go are possible with the Mikro. Build your tracks from start to finish in a fast and hands-on fun way. To start right away, Native Instruments have included instruments, effects, sound and superb tools to let you start sampling and playing drum synth out of the box. On the control panel, you will find a small visual feedback screen that will show exactly what you are taking control off. Onboard you will also fin groove building tools and the super fun and intuitive dual touch smart strip, which gives you new ways to express yourself.

With buttons located on the control panel, you will be able to automate parameters, fire rolls and arpeggios, next to your basic play, record and stop dedicated buttons. The most playful and colourful side of the Maschine Mikro is its pads which have a great feel and have a good size thanks to the inspiration they got from the Maschine MK3. With the Mikro you will get four modes to get your hands warm, Pad mode, Keyboard mode, Chord mode and Step mode to get thrilling musical expressiveness going.

Image: Native Instruments