Novation Launchpad X

music production hardware

The Launchpad X from Novation is a 64 MIDI pad controller made to perform in Ableton Live. With it, you will have the essentials to let you create a great sounding track using its super colourful RGB pads. It has dynamic note and scale modes and superior mixing controls. Novation called it the essential controller, packed with velocity and pressure-sensitive pads you can launch your creative music production adventure as you imagined so.

With the dynamic note and scale modes you can play in key baselines, chords, leads and perfectly tuned melodies, isn’t that amazing? We think it is, and adding a little more to it is the polyphonic aftertouch which is fantastic if you are playing virtual instruments and you want to add real expression to them. Mapping the Novation Launchpad X is a no brainer, you can map the controller to control almost anything you want. It has four custom modes that let you reconfigure the grid layout and set it to match your perfect workflow without limiting your imagination. All the essentials are there, so if you want to record your performance, mute, mute it or solo it is only one instant push away.

The Launchpad X doesn’t need any drivers so setting it up is simple and straight forward, plug it in and play. A great addon feature that comes with this controller is the Sound collective registrations. With it, you can access to get free plug-ins from some of the great names in music. You will also get access to Splice Sounds for two months, where you can download tuns of high-quality loops, samples and presets for you to kickstart your music production ideas right out of the box. By the way, Ableton Live 10 Lite is included with the Launchpad X.

Image: Novation