PreSonus Atom Musical MIDI Pad Controller

Mixxin Academy

One of the most versatile and powerful pad controllers out there is te PreSonus Atom. It’s USB bus-powered platformer gives you the ability to take it anywhere with minimal effort and enables you to produce right out of your backpack with your laptop. The Atom is deeply integrated to Studio One and Impact XT which is a great pad sampler with 16 pads, paired with its own pitch, amps and filter controls. These are all editable via the Atom making it super easy and fast to adjust anything in a swift. Add your virtual instruments, create fabulous loops, change presets and more. All this aids you in finding dynamic workflow in your studio and a versatile live performer when you’re out on the move.

ATOM is compatible with the majority of third-party software, even though it offers great integration with Studio One and Ableton Live. You can trigger clips and scenes, play virtual instruments, change the track volume, panning and even more with this great pad controller. With the ATOM you can extend your performance range by connecting another ATOM or even more, giving you the chance to define each pad to perform different tasks. For example, you could have one pad setup to perform live, another to trigger live clips or record and even more if you let your imagination fly.

The ATOM is as intuitive and expressive as a pad MIDI controller can get. If definitely is a production and live performance companion. Its ultra-sensitive pads let you express yourself how you need making it great for playing virtual instruments. Whether you’re making a groove or beat, designing a synth line or using it as a to trigger sound effects, samples or loops the PreSonus ATOM can be a great addition to your creative musical carrier.

Image: PreSonus