PreSonus ATOM SQ

PreSonus ATOM SQ

If you’re into contemporary music production, then the ATOM SQ MIDI pad controller is for you. Being a modern musician, producer or performer means you need to move fast between playing samples and programming drums in a versatile and expressive way. The unique design of the PreSonus ATOM SQ is perfect for classic TR style 16 step beat sequencing and also for drum pattern editing, or even playing your instruments and launching clips in Ableton Live. With its RGB lit 32 pad, you will feel right at home making it similar to other controller keyboards.

Set and change the keyboard scales and even configure the arpeggiator or step sequencer. Insert a pattern, move its length, change the scales and add variations, this MIDI controller is very expressive. Complete and seamless integration is offered with the ATOM SQ on Studio One’s pattern editor allowing you to bring your productions to life, building compositions in a fast manner. With its versatile drum machine, rewarding results by constraining your performance to your own scale.

Included with the ATOM SQ is Studio One, this music production software makes it very easy to compose, record and produce. Also included are two loop libraries with custom impact XT kits. You can connect third-party VST’s and AU plug-in effects and also virtual instruments. Ableton Lite is also included so getting creative right away is no excuse. But that’s not it, you can set the ATOM SQ to control your favourite DAW or virtual instrument and heaven navigate with its transport control to make your way through without a mouse or keyboard.

While it being lightweight and with a practical size, the ATOM SQ lets you take it anywhere accompanied by your laptop, making it super easy and flexible to start creating right away.

Image: PreSonus