PreSonus Eris E3.5

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The PreSonus Eris E3.5 active media reference monitors are the introduction model of PreSonus line of reference monitors. These studio monitors are great if you are only starting on your music production adventure, or you are an audiophile, or maybe you’re looking for some real punch while you play on your videogames. The E3.5 monitors are packed with the same technology has there big brothers but in a compact model. They are great if you have limited studio space or if you are music production nomad, these reference monitors offer great sound quality with a smooth and accurate response.

One of the great features on the reference monitors from PreSonus is its woven composite low-frequency driver, that delivers a great overall sound and bass. Its 3.5-inch woofer results in a constant dispersion of pattern through the frequency range making it clear sound that in particular is very pleasing. These monitors are equipped with a one-inch silk dome tweeter producing some smooth and refind sounds. High-frequency is delivered accurately and without any flicker. The tweeter is engendered to transmit a radiant clear sound in a fairly wide pattern, making it particularly interesting because it makes for a larger sweet spot or optimal listening area. This means you can move around and still have a great reference of sound or if you are mixing with a partner you both can enjoy the good reference.

For their dimensions, the E3.5 reference monitors pack a great punch thanks to there onboard 25watt side power amp. They may seem small but they can really get loud and at the same time deliver clear and accurate sound. Remember that placing your reference monitors in a correct location is key to get the most out of them. For your convenience, they have a volume knob, a headphone jack and an Aux jack on the front panel for easy access. You can connect them virtually to any line of source making them great and versatile reference monitors.

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