PreSonus Eris Sub8

music production hardware

The PreSonus Eris Sub8 is the perfect match for your Eris Reference studio monitors. The Sub8 is designed and created to form part of the family with the Eris line. It complements all frequencies to near perfection with Eris line of studio monitors. Not to mention that the Sub8 will also play nicely with other studio or reference monitors. The Eris line of monitors come pretty much ready to plug and play. On the backside of them, you will find I/O configuration that will let you configure to your mixing needs.

You can also connect your monitors via TRS or RCA and even invert the polarity. Another great feature that this subwoofer has is the high pass filter and low pass filter crossover control that is has made sure it works with low frequencies exactly like you want it to. With a frequency response of 30Hz onwards and 100 watts, the PreSonus Eris Sub8 is pretty loud, allowing you to rock harder and produce mixes the way you’ve always wanted. Particularly if you are producing Dance or Hip-Hop music a subwoofer for your mixing is a must-have.

Making accurate decisions based on what you here is a very important aspect of music production, mixing and mastering. It is prime to have an accurate foundation of the low frequencies to make informed decisions to create better mixes and also have more fun whiles doing it. If you are not into music production or sound design, and still you are looking to get a better punch out of your music, games or movies, adding a subwoofer like the Eris Sub8 is a great idea.

Image: PreSonus