Roland Verselab MV-1

music production hardware

Roland has just rolled out of the line a news superb hardware devise that will enable you to produce a complete son without even using your computer, its called the Verselab MV-1. When inspiration strikes you this new hardware device will aid you in capturing, refining and finish your complete ideas. This fantastic hands-on interface can record vocals, generate pattern and pack thousands of sounds that you can also add mastering effects and even more. Producing music can take up a lot of time, expertise and money, but with the Verslab you might find that is this interface can kickstart your ambitions for a fraction of the time and money you will normally need. With the new Verselab, you can produce a radio-ready track with minimal complications.

weather your a beatmaker or a vocalist Verselab will make it easy for you to start making good sounding tracks in no time, regarding your skill. The interface is loaded with great features, including a high-quality XLR mic input that is paired to an Auto-Pitch and Harmonizer effect to get the most out of your voice. Be sure that Roland has got your back with great sounds that have defined the hip hop legacy through today’s modern genres. Verslab is charged with over 3000 sounds that are ready for you to great the next hit song.

If you need more sounds, be sure to get Zen Core, a core synthesis system which happens to be the heart of many prop synthesisers by Roland. With Zen Core, you will be able to expand your sound library with thousands of sounds plus the chance to get genre-specific sound packs with is amazing. If you want to connect the Verselab MV-1 to your computer, smartphone or tablet, be sure to do it with Zenbeats.

Image: Roland