Roli Lumi Keys Studio Edition

music production knowledge

The Lumi Keys Studio Edition by Roli is a small compact sized midi keyboard controller that is capable of MPE. It is a great piece of gear for music production and performers that would like to take their sound production to another level. Roli claims that they are the first to adopt a controller with a classic keyboard that works with polyphonic aftertouch and also per-key bend as an integrated feature in their lineup. In addition to what we mentioned before, they also offer new ways to compose by the light that is displayed on the illuminated keys on this controller.

With this device, you will be able to bend pitch through, what they say is vibrato like movements on a keyboard with traditional key dialling. This will add expression like it has not been seen before in a piano-like keyboard. It is fantastic and intuitive, and it will really add something special to your sound production when worked on Ableton Live 11 or Equator2 which is Roli’s flagship MPE sound engine. This little bad boy keyboard controller is a really great way to star with MPE for you to try for yourself how you can enhance your production to create completely new performance possibilities.

Getting a big smile from you to face with the Lumi Keys Studio Editon may come standard when you start testing the MPE sound engine. Expandability fo the Lumi Keys is possible thanks to is magnetic DNA connectors that will let you configure of to four keyboard controllers one next to the other and create up to 96 key music production surface. The Lumi Keys Studio Edition has across integration with other hardware and software so you can even try to make multiple control surfaces play as one. But wait, the Lumi Keys Studio Edition is not yet ready to ship. The launch date is set to be in January 2021.

Image: Roli