Yamaha MOXF 8

music production hardware

The Yamaha Motif legacy goes beyond decades of excellence, reliability and technology. Yamaha has now updated the well known MOX Series with the new MOTIF XF technology that spans grater capabilities and practicability. Onboard the New MOXF 8 you will find more sounds and more effects, plus a flashboard option slot. It has a huge collection of sound libraries and software that can be at your disposal right away. More to add to the MOXF 8 it is now more expandable, affordable, portable and compatible with other products making it an excellent music production powerhouse.

The MOXF 8 has such a rich collection of sound and instruments voices that are fascinating. Some of the instruments that you will find are pianos, strings, wind instruments, drums, guitars and basses, along with a pretty nice variety of modern and vintage synth sounds. To add some spice, the MOXF sound engine has two grand piano recreations and the VCM effectors that are onboard this keyboard simulates the effects of vintage E!s phasers and compressors at the circuit level. The flash memories can be expandable for up to 1GB and are compatible with the sound content developed for the MOX.

The performance of the MOXF 8 will let you combine several vices to get and play them on a single MIDI channel. It has 256 preset performances in different music styles like rock, jazz and hip hop, making it greatly versatile. It also has a built-in sequencer with real-time recording and step recording. There is a complete suite of software to let you edit and create templates of your favourite VST and remote tools and with one cable to connect both the audio and MIDI is a great advantage.

Image: Yamaha