SoundBridge Academy changes its name to MIXXIN Academy

soundbridge academy logo

We are excited to announce that SoundBridge Academy has changed its name to MIXXIN Academy!

Why did we change our name?

Our sister company, the most advanced free DAW in the market, is growing super fast and our students started getting confused between both companies. In order to offer our students a clear identifiable brand, we decided to make this change.

How will this affect enrolled students?

Besides the name change, nothing else has changed. If you are an enrolled student, you still get lifetime access to the courses. You can access your courses via

All previous certificates of completion have been updated to the new brand. If you were issued a certificate of completion before this date, you may access your new certificate with the updated name and logo by logging into your account at

How will this affect affiliates?

All links will be automatically forwarded to without a hitch. That said, we recommend updating your links to reflect the new URL.

If you have any questions you may reach out to support via chat at or by sending us an email to