UVI UVS-3200

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The big tone of classic Korg 3200 polyphonic Synthesizer

UVS-3200 is a software emulation of a legendary and extremely rare Japanese Korg PS-3200 programable polyphonic synthesizer perfect for your music production journey. This new software emulation plugin captures the heart and soal of a perfectly restored Korg PS-3200. The original hardware was deeply sampled, with an impressive library of over 220 presets covering a great range of sound/instrument types.

The classic analog Korg sound of the Korg PS-3200 synth is a beast that brings back the synthesized sound of the 70s. In terms of resources and consumption structure, the UVS-3200 is an efficient product. The sound that produces is fat, and their response is fast. The interface of the UVS-3200 brings the same tab structure with everything familiar and in the place where it has to be in the first place.

Opening the UVS-3200 you will find the main tab where the two oscillators are displayed. The first oscillator adds 24 sounds, the second 69, including basic waveforms from the original hardware. Both oscillators sport ADSR envelope, signal volume and pan, velocity switch on and off separately. Filter modules are present, with four filter modes, cutoff, resonance, velocity depth and ADSR envelope. The edit tap with separate controls for each oscillator. Pitch module with octave and semitone selectors, depth and time for portamento, as well as a stereo mode with spread, detune and colour parameters.

The las module is reserved for modwheel assignments, where you can set the rate and depth of vibrato and tremolo. The step modulator with configurable steps (max. 16 steps per oscillator) and controls for speed, delay, rise and smooth. At the bottom, you can adjust the volume amount and filter depth, of course for both oscillators separately. On the right hand, there is one LFO per oscillator that you can assign to volume filter and pitch. You can sync the LFO’s with four waveforms – sine, square, triangle and a sample/hold shape. Near, we find selectors for speed, retrigger switch and legato.

The effect section of UVS-3200 is loaded with 5 effect modules – drive, chorus, phaser, delay and reverb, each with basic controls, but powerful enough to enrich the global sound.“Arpeggiators” is the fifth and the last tab with an individual arp for each of the two oscillators. They feature on/off switch, steps and octave selectors, speed and gate, but also the selector for arpeggiator direction with three modes, up, down and up/down.

Image: uvi.net