Groove Machine – Groovebox

A groove machine is a hardware device that is much more than a plain old drum machine. A groove machine is enhanced to compose pattern-based music and has a tabletop with the key controls on the top of the device. Some groove machines have synched sounds, while others merge sampling and loop noises. Groove machines are mostly used among dance music producers, but, in reality, they can be used by anyone. 

A groovebox is a digital musical instrument that is often used to produce live, looped-based electronic music. The name groovebox dates back to the Movement Computer Systems Drum Computer and consists of three joined elements as well as different sound sources, which include a drum machine, a synthesizer or a sampler. On the top part of the groovebox, you will be able to find a music sequencer, knobs, sliders, buttons and some display components such as LEDs and LCD screens. This gives the musician the opportunity to create and control a pattern-based sequence fairly quick. It also enables the artist to use different instrumental or percussion voices at the same time. 

A groovebox is a machine that is able to chain sequences to a particular song during a live performance. These sequences can be saved for further use and can be retrieved from the memory so that they are able to appear while performing lively. A groovebox provides the musician with the possibility to create an entire musical performance with a single device. A groovebox has many different versions and varieties that go from basic sequencing and sampling capabilities, to high-end sampling, high-polyphony synthesizers and extensive sequencing, connection and storage options. 

Groovebox instruments have been extremely beneficial to many performers and bands, particularly to those who are not familiar with electronic music. Groovebox instruments have gained popularity and form part of many performances because they incorporate electronic sounds to the conventional format. The groovebox is able to control external instruments over MIDI and the internal voices can be controlled by external equipment. 

Grooveboxes have unique features. A groovebox can be compared to a music workstation although it’s much more portable, it may omit or include a simplified keyboard and it generally has plenty of user controls. Music workstations and grooveboxes are different and suit different needs. In essence, a music workstation is better for studio musicians and composers, while grooveboxes are mostly used by live performers. A groovebox allows the artist to alter the sequence and the sound parameters on the go.