Native Instruments Soul Sessions

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Join the heart of soul with this exclusive smooth, funky, swinging and low strung plugin instrument to enhance your music productions. Soul Sessions combines more than 50 years of branded sounds from soul music into a hybrid made instrument that has the versatility to sound like the 60s and 70s signature sound. Play dusky horns and bass plucks like there is no tomorrow. Drums, organs and synths sound that date the 80s all the way to the 90s production sounds of neo-soul. This instrument plugin is as versatile enough to complement any music production regarding its gender sound and direction.

Soul Sessions was created in collaboration with MSXII and they have come up with this fantastic groovy instrument that will boost your musical creativity. The platform is pretty straight forward and user friendly, the first panel is composed of the sound editor which will let you modify the sound sources with access to panning, envelopes and tuning filter. You can customize effect chains of all presets with an effects editor which is simple to use with a drag and drop workflow. A 16 step sequencer is also loaded in the Soul Sessions instrument pack to modulate up top six assignable macros.

This plugin is compatible with Komplete instrument and to use it you will need the latest version of the Kontakt Player. Onboard there are 99 sound sources, 43 wavetables and 150 presets. Smoothen the beats with the R&B mood making and give jazz and soul a new sound design. Create loose and laid back tones to your electronic music productions with aesthetics form different eras from prised groovy times. This is a great instrument plugin to enhance your modern musical journey with inspiration from the past, giving character and feel from soul music.

Image: Native Instruments