Explorers Collection

music production hardware

The Explorers Collection from Arturia marks 20 years of crafting and inspiring instruments and also celebrates the collaboration and the same passion that unites music producers, musicians, and sound engineers all with the same purpose in the lookout for sonic inspiration and creation to elevate music as a whole. Knowing this Arturia has worked hard on making a monumental collection of sonic history in a limited edition release with software and products that have made en formed music for all this time. The Collectors edition mars a historical moment for Arturia and music, with this collection you get the chance to own a piece of music history.

The Explorers Collection consists of the most exclusive and iconic Arturia software and titles up to date and a huge collection of presets. Also included in the collection are legendary instruments, effects and a huge pallet of sonic possibilities that can take you on a production journey of musical goodness. This is the time to take some history in hand to forge the future of sound and to dive deeper into your musical vision. Included in the box you will find 250GB hard drive that contains the selection of all the inspiring software and sound packs.

The 250GB HDD can also be used to store your valuable musical projects with the spare space. The installation of the Explorers Collection is easy and simple, just connect to your computer and lunch the Sound Explorers Collection installer and away you go. Inside the HDD you will find the V Collection 7 with 23 legendary instruments and an Analogue Lab, also the FX Collection to transform your mixes and the Pigments file which is absolutely stunning. If that is not enough you will also find 40 of the best selling preset packs giving you a total of over 700 new crafted presets to use.

Image: Arturia