Native Instruments Massive X Expansions – Our House

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Massive X Expansions are a combination of cutting edge presets that have been created by great sound designers with a pristine approach to letting everyone enjoy top synths through its paces. Each and every one of the expansions packs contain 150 presets that are genre-specific and are plug and play to be programmed and tweaked wherever you are in need os some serious sound innovation fast. Our House houses 150 presets of pure and good house vibes that span from dance to deep house, from sublime to soundscapes.

In the massive X expansion, you will find the Mechanix which is a crunchy concentration of basslines, synths and great rhythms specificity designed for long and dark nights that will make you dance all night long. Drive packs a retro-futuristic approach to sounds that combines vaporware and modern synth-pop. In here you will find phase modulation wavetable and other synthesis methods, fantastic for arpeggios and pads to backdrop concentration soundscapes. Moebius contains 150 loopings presets that are made to experiment around electronic music with its rhythmic and melodic patterns.

Pulse is made to get the floor shaken with its deep subs, corrosive lines and classic low end takes that may seem futuristic at times, such a distinctive bass and sounds from these presets. Rush is packed with high octane atmospheres to build tension and go crazy with melodies on the dancefloor. It is distinctive and acid and ready for some melodic fun. Last but not least, Scene, contains 150 presets of evolving soundscapes cured with complex sounds for some killer electro groove, equipped with macro mapping for the sound you a sculpt with a single patch. The system requirements are Massive X 1.2.1 software

Image: Native Instruments