EchoBoy Jr. Echo Modeller

music production plugins

The EchoBoy Jr. is an analogue echo modeller that is packed with seven iconic echo emulations all in one single plugin. The EchoBoy Jr. is the little brother of the famous EchoBoy, It is a great new plug-in that is easy and simple to use but still has the power and depth you will find in its’ big brother. The sound quality of the EchoBoy Jr. is fantastic as well as its features preset in combination with its ease of use. Behind the elegant and simple controls of this plugin, you will find seven classic and iconic emulations that span different styles and will definitely set you up to have a great time using them in your music productions.

Packed inside you will find the Studio Tape emulation that is modelled after the Ampex ATR-102. You will also find the Plex which is modelled after the classic EP-3 tape echo and Space that is based on the RE-201 tape echo. Cheap Tape is also loaded in the plugin and will give you sound of a worn tape, Memory, Ambient and Transmitter are also other echo emulations you will find in the EchoBoy Jr. This fantastic plugin features analogue sty feedback with its own oscillation effects for a great sci-fi effect.

It has three stereo processing modes, Normal, Pingo Pong and Wide. You can chance echo time with either analogue pitch guide or you can stretch time effect. The dials within the culminate resound tone with immersion and moo and high-frequency equalization controls. The plugin formats for 64-bit only are AAX Native, Audio Suite, VST and AU. The minimum sample rate is 44.1 kHz and the maximum being of 193kHz. For windows, you will need at least Windows 7 or later and for Mac OS X 10.10 or later.

Image: Soundtoys