Korg MDE-X V2

music production knowledge

The MDE-X is a multi-digital effects plugin that has a prime selection of effects such as compressor, limiter, EQ, modulator, flanger, overdrive, phaser, delay, chorus and reverb. It uses the TRITON algorithm that has been used and praised for a long time. It is a select and curated group of effects and programs that can be used in a wide range of applications. Such uses can be sound design, live performance and mixing. Enhance en boost your music production ventures with these select effects and parameters to shape your sound easily and efficiently.

The MDE has just been updated to support 4K and retina environments, making it nice and attractive on all screens. This also means its usability and scalability has drastically improved to getting the hang on it and controlling it is all hi-fidelity now. There are also two new effects that are included added to the already loaded 19 effects giving a total of 21 types of multi-effects. Included in the MDE comes the Korg Collection it is a special bundle that packs all great analogue machines and synths form the 70,s and 80s, as well know digital machines that formed the music in the 80′ and ’90s

Korg has the collection and MDE-X available as a free demo for you to try it out before buying. We recommend doing so in order to get a glimpse of what to expect, all you need is a Korg ID account. If you have the Korg Collection MDE-X you get a free upgrade to the new one. So get going on your musical journey with this superb effects pack with will give you the right tools to use while mixing and all the way to mastering your tracks. The MDE-X V2 is available for both Mac and Windows users.

Image: Korg