Native Instruments Picked Acoustic

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Session Guitarist brings to us Picked Acoustic, which is a plugin that has been perfectly recorded and played into patterns and melodies to suit your music production creations. Played by a studio session veteran and carefully sampled, the 1973 Marin 00-21 has been captured in a boutique mix with vintage mics and high tec recording gear.

This sampling pack has been loaded with 194 authentic pickings and strumming patterns that will give you immense creative possibilities to enhance your music production while programing your own melodies.

The clear tone of a Martin 00-21 has been the selected favourite of many famous artists like Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan featured in various hit records. Picked Acoustic has captured the rich tone of this guitar which is very melodic and great for fingerpicked styles. The amazing sound has been captured using 3 distinctive setups that make this plugin versatile and adaptable for your production needs.

The first set up is composed of two Condenser (AB) microphones that capture a natural and contemporary stereo sounding image. The second set up was made using a vintage dynamic mic enhanced with a tube condenser in a figure of eight modes giving a rock and folk sound of the 70s. The third mic arrangement was made guiding two Ribbon (Blumlein) mics that are characteristic of a rich vintage and warm sound.

Picked Acoustic plugin makes it easy for you to adjust various parameters to adapt the sound you have in your head to your music compositions giving you the flexibility to carefully craft the guitar sound that you have been longing for. Choosing from a huge variety of picked rhythms, arpeggios and patterns in various musical styles gives you the freedom to start instantly.

Image: Native Instruments