Native Instruments RAUM

music production software

Raum is a high fidelity creative reverb effect made by Native Instruments. It is a superb plugin effect that can sculpt impressive sound spaces that can be delicate and at the same time huge. It can also generate granular textures and transform sound into three modes while covering a grade sonic range. It is characterized with its ability to create sustain sound that can span infinitely with Freeze Mode. Onboard this great plugin effect you can find everything from spacetime bending ambience modification in one easy step to abstract echoes, like a space lab to mix and use as a great sound utility tool.

With the RAUM’s three-dimension mode you can design realistic room effects to supreme experimental reflection and the most interesting which is sonic space travel sound design. If you are looking for a great plugin effect to add depth to your tracks or somewhere to enhance a one-shot texture, the RAUM effect plugin is a great choice. The first is Grounded Dimension Mode which covers sound design from tiny ambience to large chambers and can give you weight and polish over percussive sounds. The second dimension included in the pack is Airy, which is a hall stile reverb that consists of a natural feel and reflections. This specific model is designed to elevate vocals and to smooth out synths and instruments like a piano.

The third dimension included in the RAUM effects pack is Cosmic. Cosmic is a zero-gravity sonic lab that has the de ability to pre-delay sections working on textures. In combination with metallic sounds and complex resonances, you can expect super creative and wilder soundscapes that are to this reinvented cosmic reverb. With its pre-delay and modulation knobs, you will have the tools to modulate with an enormous spectrum of creative possibilities.

Image: Native Instruments