Sonnox FX Plug-in Collection

Mixxin Academy

If you are into broadcast production then the Sonnox Broadcast collection is something to look into. The powerful Oxford plug-ins provide top-notch processing capabilities and precise control over your broadcasting productions. In this special collection, you will find the finest Oxford EQ and Dynamics plug-ins. Also included is the inflator letting you maximize the loudness, the Oxford Limiter and the SuprEsser to use when you have frequency problems to solve. This collection of plug-ins will improve significantly the quality of your productions.

The Oxford EQ was designed with the original Sony OXF-R3 in mind, giving a sensation that reflects the large format of the mixing console. It has a 5 band EQ with selectable LF and HF sections. High pass and low pass filters are also provided and several arrays of styles. It features an algorithm taken Directly from the Sony OXF-R3 and offers ultra Low Noise and Distortion.

The Oxford Dynamics plug-in in an extremely flexible and professional unit. It is 64-bit compliant (aax/au/vst) and the dynamic section of this unit is used in the OXF-R3 mixing console. It enhances separate sections for compressor, gate, expander and limiter and has a 2 band side chain EQ with audition function. This plug-in has a warm like tube control for extra presence and has a variable soft-knee compressor and also has super low noise and distortion.

The Oxford Inflator helps you to produce louder mixes without sacrificing quality and without overloading your compression. This is a great plug-in if you are working on an acoustic or jazz mix to add a natural warmth to the mix thanks to its tube system. This plug-in is fully 64-bit compliant and has direct and band-split modes. The Oxford Limiter performs great if your after a transparent level control, loudness maximisation or on to heavily applied sound effects. This plugin is packed with decades of pro audio experience and has great quality and is very accurate.

The Oxford SuprEsser is both a De-Esser and a Dynamic EQ. It can easily be set to a simple mode to fix something quick, or it can be triggered for a more advance experience for increased functionality and a fine-tuning. It possesses the ability to display three listen to modes letting you hear exactly where the troubling frequency is and letting you reduce it or remove it.