PreSonus Fat Channel XT

music production software

PreSonus Fat Channel Xt is a complete array of plug-ins that are designed to integrate flawlessly between Studio One and StudioLive mixers. In the package, you will find award-winning processors and vintage EQ’s as well as compressors to use on your favourite DAW. Fat Channel XT is curated with the ultimate strip so you can input or bus with its variable high pass filter, compressor, gate/expander, EQ and limiter. All of come in one singular plugin but you can get two space modelled compressors and the EQs from converted vintage studio hardware. If you need more, the Fat Channel XT can expand its self with its 8 compressors and 7 EQs.

With State Space Modeling Technology, PreSonus has developed the vintage compressors and EQ’s recreating the original analogue circuitry as well as the Ampire amp models. This technology is not only about sampling vintage compressors and getting sound out to reproduce. The technology measures old hardware and recreates reactions and sensitivities from every element making it a truly realistic experience with wonderfully imperfect audio hardware. Fat Channel XT is compatible with VST3, AAX and AudioUnit host applications. DAW wise, it is compatible with Studio One 4.6 or higher, but you can use processors, vintage EQs and compressors on your preferred DAW.

The minimum computer system requirements for the Fat Channel XT plug-ins are Mac Os 10.11 or higher with the 64 bit only, with an inter-core duo processor or i3 or better is recommended. For Windows users, it is necessary to have Windows 7 platform or higher with an intel core duo or AMD Athlon x2 processors. Please take into account that the speed of your processing, RAM, and speed of your hard drive will greatly influence the overall performance of your recording system.

Image: PreSonus