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SoundWeaver, Your Creative Companion

SoundWeaver, by Boom Interactive, is an advanced sound layering plugin. It automates and randomizes some parts of your sound design workflow. This plugin works by automatically aligning and layering your sound, which helps you to create more and work less. SoundWeaver was fabricated to solve a particular situation. That is, to produce variations of sound…
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Mixxing Academy

FaderPort 8 by PreSonus

The FaderPort 8 is a robust and comprehensive eight channel mix production controller by PreSonus. It has precise control over a mix and several automation functions to enhance your music production to another level. In addition, it contains eight touch-sensitive motorized faders paired with 65 buttons that cover over 70 functions. For example, there are…
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Automation means having a DAW do tasks automatically by moving knobs, faders, and switches. It is quite common in mixing because it is capable of adjusting the volume of specific tracks. This method saves time as it allows the user to make precise adjustments within the exact timing. Therefore, it helps create unique effects. Automation:…
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Progressive Intros

Harmony is the basis of progressive intros. In these, it’s essential for the user to emphasize the basic elements that will be working together throughout the music piece. In addition, it’s extremely important to have in mind that each and every element is crucial. The reason is that it sets the mood for the entire…
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