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getting paid

Music Producers’ Income

In this entry we’ll tell you all about getting paid—specifically, the music producers’ income. That is to say, we’ll let you know what to expect when you want to embody this important figure in the music creation process.  Music Producer: the Job As you are, by now, most likely aware of—given that we’ve dedicated a…
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public domain

Public Domain

Another key concept when thinking of using music legally is that of public domain. Generally speaking, whenever someone says that a certain work is from the public domain, they’re saying that that piece is no longer under copyright protection. And that is true—for the most part. The idea is the correct one, but there are…
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Copyright and Interpolation

Just as in the case of sampling, remix, and mashup, copyright and interpolation  go hand in hand: it all runs down to using music legally. The digital world offers a limitless array of options when it comes to creating music: you can find tracks, stems, loops, and  beats that make your own tunes the extraordinary…
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Using Music Legally

Using music legally isn’t something you should be scared about; quite the contrary! This topic is a means to be respectful of someone else’s intellectual property and making sure yours is just as safe. This entry is related to both copyrights and royalties, but mostly to the former. We’ll explain how to use someone else’s…
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music marketing press release

Music Marketing and Mail Press

We’ve already discussed the way in which an aspiring artist can use emails and mailing lists to promote their music and enhance their audience. Here we’ll take a look at how musicians can use this same tool to reach people working in the industry and grab their attention in the hopes of signing a lucrative…
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fanmail newsletter music marketing

Email Fans for Effective Music Marketing

By this point we’ve covered at length how you can use the Internet to enhance your reach as an artist, both to new listeners as well as promoters and recording companies. However, another virtual tool which you can use for this purpose is the good old-fashioned email. If you’ve already checked out our entry on…
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paid promotion music marketing

Paid Promotion and Music Marketing

We have written at length about many different ways in which you can use social media platforms and streaming services to enhance your audience and reach new people. While hard work coupled with smart and creative engagement strategies can help you boost your reach, there’s nothing quite as efficient as an ad. This is where…
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Red 4 Pre

Red 4Pre incorporates four of Focusrite’s digitally-controlled, ‘Air’ empowered, Ruddy Advancement mic preamps. Thunderbolt™ 2 network and double mini-DigiLink ports bring you the leading of both Center Sound and Master Apparatuses | HD™ workflows, with simple exchanging between Master Instruments | HD and any Thunderbolt-connected DAW. Highlighting ‘parallel way summing’ transformation and excellent however vigorous…
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Kinetics – Falcon Expansion

A profound and complex collection of sounds investigating the topics of movement, light, and shadow. Partitioned into sounds of The Sun, and sounds of The Moon, patches are given in categories of Surrounding, Movement, and Cadence, giving you everything from inconspicuous and roomy balanced situations to complex cadenced sounds, and chaotic glitch-inspired franticness. Propelled by…
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Inner Dimensions – Falcon Expansion

Developed from the dark corridors of hard techno and the reflective and strange contrasts of obscure cinema, Inner Dimensions conveys 120 patches extending from unfurling cadenced arpeggios to testy textural pianos, profound bass arrangements and moving analogue leads to tonal barometrical pads and sparkling noise areas. Inner Dimensions leverages Falcon’s wide run of oscillators, effects,…
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