Yamaha HS8: Studio Monitor

Mixxin Academy

The Yamaha HS8 is a great piece of equipment for your professional studio: you can hear every single detail, good and bad, clearly. Music producers, enthusiasts, and sound engineers will tell you that the Yamaha NS10 was one of the most important speakers in pop music history. In the 90s, the NS10 was every record producer’s best mate. This speaker was popular for revealing all imperfection and flaws in recordings, which was why most producers used it as a monitor in their studios. Obviously, this inability to avoid the imperfections in sound meant the Yamaha NS10 could, in fact, become a producer’s worst enemy. Unfortunately, Yamaha had to discontinue this superspeaker that inspired strong emotions, leaving many in search of a replacement.

The Solution: Yamaha HS8

But not everything is lost: a great studio monitor from Yamaha arrises, namely the Yamaha HS8. This speaker is the closest to the NS10 currently on the market. Moreover, it is a great piece of equipment for your home or professional studio set up. Like the Yamaha NS10, this speaker offers incomparable clarity. As a result, you can clearly hear every single detail, good and bad. Also, the bass reflex system and the 8″ 75-watt con woofer mean that there’s no need to use a subwoofer. If you were a fan of the NS10 and are now looking for a contemporary alternative, then you cannot go wrong with the Yamaha HS8.

All the Praises

The Yamaha HS8 clearly reproduces and amplifies every single detail. Therefore, this speaker is perfect for producers looking for a recording monitor. If you can hear everything in the mix, then you’re able to correct it and produce flawless music. Plus, it has two control systems: room control and high trim control. In turn, this means that the speaker is perfectly adaptable to any room or studio. The Yamaha HS8 is for producers and audiophiles. Independently of what type of studio or room you set up these speakers, they are easily adaptable. The Yamaha HS8 isn’t quite the NS10, but it is a fantastic alternative that doesn’t disappoint.