Yamaha Vintage Collection

The Vintage Channel Strip comprises three plug-ins, the EQ 601, the Compressor 260 and the Compressor 276, replicating the sound characteristics of a few classic equipment EQ and compressor gadgets from the 1970s. Reliably capturing the analogue circuitries of these equipment showstoppers, these plug-ins are moreover fine-tuned by driving engineers and give an interface that combines effortlessness in operation with uncommon sounding results. The Vintage Step Pack incorporates a few impact plug-ins that precisely replicate the analogue sound of the first vintage guitar impacts.

Based on the dynamic VCM innovation, which gives an ultra-realistic sound modelling of the respective equipment picture, the Vintage Step Pack intrigues by its wealthy and warm sound and easy-to-use interface for a direct operation. The amusement of analogue tape characteristics has continuously been a requesting teach. The Vintage Open Deck utilizes the VCM innovation to reproduce the analogue circuitry and tape characteristics that moulded the sound of open-reel tape recorders. Incredible tape recorders from Studer or Ampex have made a sound, which is as it were troublesome to discover in today’s generation situations.

The Vintage Open Deck could be a four-in-one tape machine imitating with diverse sound characteristics to select from: Swiss ‘70, Swiss ‘78, Swiss ‘85 and American ‘70. For an indeed more extensive run of variety, the characteristics can be independently connected to the record and playback decks. The EQ 601 combines the sound of a classic equalizer from the 1970s with a wide extend of viable capacities. The 276 may be a stereo compressor that has brought various proficient preparations to sonic flawlessness. The Compressor 260 reintroduces the classic sound of the acclaimed compressor/limiter modules utilized by sound experts within the late 1970s. The double phaser Max 100 conveys the first sound of the 1970’s equipment phasers.

Image: Softube