Beat Lab Academy

Beat Lab Academy is a music production school that offers a live online International Certification Program designed for people interested in music production, post-production, recording, engineering, songwriting, as well as managing.  

Beat Lab Academy provides educational programs that are accessible to students from all around the world. It inspires music education through practical studies, offering music production courses for all skill levels. Beat Lab is the first school to offer a computer music production program in a collaborative platform with dynamic classes, allowing students to create music in a hands-on environment.

The six month Beat Lab Certification Program includes four levels. Level 1 teaches students the foundations of music production, level 2 includes some producer skills, level 3 contains artist progression strategies, while level 4 offers information regarding the art of the super producer. 

Each level requires different music experience knowledge. Level 1 is for beginners with no experience at all. Level 2 requires familiarity with the Ableton Live software, as well as basic principles regarding music theory. Level 3 offers an introduction of mixing and mastering. Level 4 is specifically designed for artists who want to take their tracks to the next level, aiming to release them on Spotify or Apple Music in the highest quality.

Online Learning allows students to choose their own path, whereas Weekend Programs include courses such as Ableton Push, New School DJing, and Modern Sound Design.  

Beat Lab offers a Livestream learning experience. Students from all around the world can interact in real-time. The online curriculum is quite extensive, aiming to cover the whole music production universe. Beat Lab Academy focuses on musicianship, encouraging students to acquire a solid music foundation before diving into the wonderful world of mixing, mastering, and sound design. 

With an extensive curriculum, Beat Lab Academy offers instant access to over 200 hours of video, exclusive downloads, music mentorship, extensive class notes, as well as lifetime access with friendly support. The Beat Lab International Certification Program requires potential students to have a laptop and headphones; speakers are recommended but not required.