Dubspot School

We’re here to tell you all about Dubspot Electronic Music Production and DJ School. To begin with, Dubspot is a music production school that experts consider a global leader in electronic music education. It is a growing community of musicians, producers, DJs, and sound designers who are aiming for musical success. Its target is to inspire its students to reach their individual goals. For this reason, it offers unique classes to suit each and every need.

Dubspot: the Philosophy

“Music technology is only as good as the music you make” is a philosophy thatthe entire Dubspot staff follows. Teachers encourage students to follow their own inspiration and motivate them by the progress of their own creations. Each student thus moves at their own pace to achieve personal success while creating amazing musical masterpieces.

All the Options

Dubspot inspires students to shape their musical creations through a wide variety of options. Its curriculum offers diverse alternative ranging from DJing, to Sound Design, to popular music creation tools. Each student explores their unique interests and make selections based on their level of expertise. In addition, this school offers flexible class schedules that can be either online or in-person.

Dubspot’s Courses 

Dubspot offers several courses that experts have carefully developed. Moreover, this music production school provides a balanced education that teaches students new tools that will help them perform amazing creations. Each student should select specific interests in order to arrange a unique curriculum of courses.

General programs include Music Foundations, Music Production, DJ, and Sound Design, as well as Mixing and Mastering. Combination programs include DJ / Producer Abelton Program, EMP Master Program, and DJ / Producer Master Program.

Dubspot Online

Dubspot Online is a great opportunity for students from all around the world. Specifically, its main goal is to expand music and technology knowledge through an innovative curriculum. With this, students will learn how to create and perform music with top-quality software. Online courses focus on each students’ creative and musical progress. Class discussion rooms, in-depth video lessons, online office hour sessions, and video hangouts are an essential part of the Dubspot online community.


Dubspot is one of the best electronic music and DJ schools around the world and we highly encourage you to check it out. This community offers complete music education programs enriched by both beginners and professionals who contribute to this professional universe in many ways.