Best Music Making Apps for Android

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Mobile music making has become more and more popular with time, and mobile music software has become much more advance and capable or producing great-sounding beats and tracks. We are going to list some of the best music-making apps that are currently out that and are designed specifically for Android users.

  • FL STUDIO MOBILE is the mobile version of the well known FL Studio, and it’s designed to record, sequence and mix complete songs and can even bee linked to a MIDI device for extra control.
  • HIP-HOP PRODUCER PADS is an app that is suited for hip hop producers that want to create beats with friends creating loops and melodies on the go.
  • RD4 GROOVEBOX is a great app for beginners and is also suitable for the more advanced music makers and synth lovers. Rather than cramping up a regular-sized DAW into a small screen, this app keeps it simple and intuitive.
  • GROOVE PAD is a great free app that is powerful and versatile. It has loads of soundtracks from nearly all genres making it a great choice for beatmakers.
  • KORG KAOSSILATOR is the little brother of the physical Kaoss Pad. With over 150 sounds and a superb built-in key/scale feature that eliminates wrong notes, its a no brainer for this super fun app.
  • ADD MUSIC TO VOICE is an interesting app for singers. It lets you add background music to your vocals and filtering and processing both to get a really nice mix.
  • SUN VOX is a super entertaining and creative modular synth music creation app with a tremendously fun pattern-based sequencer that lets you export tracks in WAV making a powerful music-making tool on the go.
  • BANDLAB Looking to get some feedback from other songwriters, singers or musicians? this apps is perfect for that. Making it a fusion between music creation and social media BandLab is a unique music app.