ICON Collective

ICON Collective is a college of music located in Los Angeles, California. It offers several courses and programs that help students acquire core technical skills within the music production industry. In particular, it provides high education levels with access to real-world insights, which helps students customize their music education program.

ICON Collective: Authentic Musical Expression

This college helps students achieve authentic musical expression skills as they perfect their musical techniques. Specifically, it offers continuous actualization on the music industry. By being a part of this community, students achieve their highest potential due to a highly qualified group of professionals.

ICON Collective: the Courses 

ICON Collective features several courses regarding music studies. This college offers Music Production, Vocal Artist, and Music Business programs. Particularly, the Music Production Program can be either in-person or online. This school features several Music Production courses, including Music Production Intro Course, and Music Production Program. Other examples are Flagship Music Production Program—which is the most popular—and the Advanced Music Production Program.

Some Specifics

Firstly, the Music Production Intro Course is for artists who aim to explore the basics of music production. It is a three-month course and it is completely online. Its target audience is artists who want to fit their music production knowledge into a tight schedule. It is an eighteen-month course and it is completely online. Secondly, and similarly, the Flagship Music Production Program is for artists who aim to have a complete community experience. In contrast to the previous one, this is a twelve-month in-person course. Thirdly, the Advanced Music Production Program, which is the most complete music production course in ICON Collective. It includes the entire Flagship Music Production Program, plus advanced mixing, mastering, and vocal production. It is an eighteen-month in-person course. 

ICON Collective: Conclusion

In conclusion, ICON Collective features several music programs with personalized content. It offers support from professional producers, agents, and vocal coaches within the music industry.