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Soul Sessions by Native Instruments

The new plugin Soul Sessions by Native Instruments is an all-new experience for its class. Join the heart of soul with this smooth, funky, swinging and low strung plugin instrument that enhances your music productions. Soul Sessions combines more than 50 years of branded soul music sounds into a hybrid-made instrument that has the versatility…
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Synthesizers are electronical musical instruments that produce audio signals through several analog and digital methods. The most common techniques include frequency modulation, additive, subtractive, phase distortion, physical modeling, linear arithmetic and sample-based synthesis, as well as analysis/resynthesis. They produce sounds typically shaped and modulated by low-frequency oscillators, filters, and envelopes. Musicians usually play synthesizers with…
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Drum Machines: an Introduction

Drum machines are electronic musical instrument that creates percussion. They are able to emulate the sound of drum kits and percussion instruments. In addition, drum machines can also create their own distinctive sounds. Most of them allow players to program their own rhythms and are able to produce a variety of sounds using analog synthesis.…
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Modern Drum Machines

The history of modern drum machines is a fascinating one. By definition, drum machines are electronic musical instruments that create percussion sounds, drum beats, and patterns. On the one hand, they may imitate drum kits or other percussion instruments. On the other, they may produce unique sounds, such as synthesized electronic tones. Modern drum machines usually have pre-programmed…
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A groovebox is a digital musical instrument, self-contained, common to produce live looped-based electronic music. It has a high degree of user control, which facilitates improvisation. But before delving into specifics, we need a little bit of context. For this, we start with the groove machine. The Groove Machine A groove machine is a hardware device…
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