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Native Instruments Soul Sessions

Join the heart of soul with this exclusive smooth, funky, swinging and low strung plugin instrument to enhance your music productions. Soul Sessions combines more than 50 years of branded sounds from soul music into a hybrid made instrument that has the versatility to sound like the 60s and 70s signature sound. Play dusky horns…
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Synthesizers are electronical musical instruments that produce audio signals through several analog and digital methods. The most common techniques include frequency modulation synthesis, additive synthesis, subtractive synthesis, phase distortion synthesis, physical modelling synthesis, linear arithmetic synthesis, analysis/resynthesis, as well as sample-based synthesis. The sounds produced by synths are typically shaped and modulated by low-frequency oscillators,…
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Introduction to Drum Machines

A drum machine is an electronic musical instrument that creates percussion. Drum machines are able to emulate the sound of drum kits and percussion instruments; they can also create their own distinctive sounds. Most drum machines allow players to program their own rhythms and are able to produce a variety of sounds using analog synthesis;…
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Modern Drum Machines

The first programmable drum machine was named ComputeRythm and it contained a six-row push-button matrix. The operator was able to push punch cards that contained a reader slot with pre-programmed rhythms. Roland CR-78, the first microprocessor-based programable rhythm machine had four memory storage spaces so that the user could build personalized patterns.  After a few…
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Groove Machine – Groovebox

A groove machine is a hardware device that is much more than a plain old drum machine. A groove machine is enhanced to compose pattern-based music and has a tabletop with the key controls on the top of the device. Some groove machines have synched sounds, while others merge sampling and loop noises. Groove machines…
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