Category: Harmonizers


In simple terms, a harmonizer is a type of pitch shifter that can merge the shifted pitch with the original pitch. By doing this, the player is able to create a two or more note harmony. When used for digital recording, pitch shifting is achieved through digital signal processing. It is worth mentioning that the…
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An octaver audio effect is a simple form of a harmonizer that creates harmonies from more than two notes. An octaver operates by shifting the original version either one octave up or one octave down. This effect mixes the input signal with a synthesized signal, creating a musical tone that is an octave higher or…
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An arpeggiator is an extremely simple real-time sequencer that requires a chord as an input. An arpeggiator is a type of broken chord in which the notes that compose the chord are played or sung in an ascending or descending order. Even though the notes of an arpeggiator are not played nor sung at the…
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