Musician on a Mission

Musician on a Mission is an online music production platform that helps users finish their best recordings in a fast and efficient way. By focusing on basic technicalities, potential artists are able to improve their mixes in a jiffy.

Musician on a Mission: the Courses

This online platform provides a free beginner course that explains the essential strategies with which to begin. The program divides into seven home studio lessons. For example, there are the basics of recording vocals, the most common equalization mistakes, and basic mixing tips. Other instances are the differences between reverb and delay, the essentials to create amazing mixes, and music production from start to finish in no time. Last but not least, Musicians on a Mission show you why people fail at home recording.

The Premium Programs

Musician on a Mission offers five premium programs. Specifically, they are hybrid musician, EQ breakthrough, compression breakthrough, home studio university, and produce pro vocals. Firstly, the hybrid musician program divides into three segments. Each enable users to create high-quality music. Secondly, the EQ breakthrough program provides the essentials of equalization. Thirdly, the compression breakthrough course delivers in-depth tools to become a compression pro. Fourthly, the home studio university is for members only. In particular, this program sends monthly tips and support from expert staff. Finally, the produce pro vocals course provides a step-by-step methodology for recording and mixing professional vocals with personal musical equipment.

Musician on a Mission: Free Workshop

Musician on a Mission also offers a free workshop. In it, users learn quick and easy ways to create radio-quality music from the comfort of their own home studio. This training offers a complete outline to create complete professional mixes. Furthermore, this online platform provides support from a wide array of disciplines. In turn, this transforms basic learning into a full music production experience.

Musician on a Mission: Final Note

Music on a Mission is especially for beginners in the music production universe. The reason is that it offers basic principles and potential expertise. And they do so while using software such as Logic Pro to create a unique home music production studio.