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Effectrix by Sugar Bytes is a professional MIDI multi-effects sequencer that has a unique way of making music. Effectrix works by painting coloured blocks on a sequencer and making the process of music-making quite simple. Effectrix is a proficient multi-effect sequencer, a game-changer within the way modern music is made. By painting coloured pieces over a sequencer, very basically, your tracks transform into firecrackers. Most of all, it sounds great. Its effects calculations exceed expectations of the regularly restricted creative potential of ordinary multi-effects. Thanks to Effectrix, nailing effects to the network has ended up a standard generation strategy in all sound kitchens around the world.

Each effect has two modulation tracks. All parameters can be controlled and by means of LFO, envelope follower or outside MIDI hardware and automated. Foot line is: two parameters per effect can be robotized pattern-based. Effectrix is the epitome of the exceedingly addictive game for demanding sound fetishists. With its ultra-flexible operational concept, it’s your entryway into a wonderland of sound- and beat mutation. Use this plug-in to refine your beats, mke them better with scratches or give them solid complexity by looping, delaying, or reverberating phrases. Utilizing the “Tonal Delay” you’ll be able to make tunes out of any material. “Stutter” gives classical gating as well as sequenced panning and wrapping.

Patterns can moreover be relegated to any other MIDI input you care to say and for those with a little creative energy, the conceivable outcomes of such a set-up are surprisingly wide: the patterns may well be doled out to be activated by footswitch in performances to zest up the arrange appear. There are endless possibilities with Effectrix, you can play grooves as you have never played them before and tweak them to create new beats, rhythms and tonal parts.

Image: Sugar Bytes