Filter MINI

music production knowledge

The Filter MINI from Arturia is a software plug-in recreation of the original hardware of the famous Dr Moog’s low-pass ladder filter. This plug-in has been perfectly recreated and has new fantastic and exciting features that are ready for modern music producers and sound designers. Add warmth and a smooth curation to your music productions with this great software plug-in. Use its powerful modulation section that has a step sequencer, an LFO and an envelope follower. Also, onboard you will find a patch manager and a superb presets library to inspire your creativity.

The filter mini will become your best mate whether you are a producer, a DJ, guitarist or singer, it will definitely make you sound feel warm and will shape your tone. If you are a drummer you can add filer sequences to transform your whole mix. The original analogue sound will be there to accompany you through the process but make sure to use the contemporary features that Arturia also included in the Filter MINI that are cutting edge aids that will make your sound awesome and will kick in a creative audio processing in you.

The key components that are loaded in the Filter MINI are a Low-Frequency Oscillator, a Low Pass Filter, a Step Sequencer and an Envelope Follower. The Filter MINI my imply small from its name, but it is definitely a tool that must be in every musicians or producers plug-in library, it is a must-have. Speed up your production process and improve your overall workflow with this sound shaping and “historical” plug-in recreation of the famous 24dB per octave ladder filter that has been a legendary Monosynth from the ’70s and today we are able to produce with its highly musical warm tone.

Image: Arturia