Arcade is a loop synth plugin whose design is specifically for the music composition process: it adds a spark to every music creation. With it, artists acquire inspiration to accomplish their best work. 

One of the reasons is that Arcade’s interface is user-friendly and easy to set up. In addition, it includes several presets to suit all needs and a built-in sampler. For example, producers can use their own sounds and loops and manipulate them. In short, this plugin is extremely versatile that helps users achieve musical perfection.

Arcade and its Loops

Arcade works like a synthesizer that helps users perform and modify loops in real-time. It is a quite efficient plugin with a fast workflow. It offers tools that inspire even the toughest users with a splash of creativity. Furthermore, it includes dozens of product lines, kits, and loops that allow users to explore a new sonic universe and create music in a jiffy. This plugin has many browsing options and its organization is very efficient. Plus, it is amazingly simple to use. The search engine allows users to browse, preview, and load kits contained within the plugin. What more could you ask for?

Dragging and Dropping

Arcade allows artists to add and use their own sounds by dragging and dropping loops into the plugin. Crucially, it helps musicians create and reshape loops in an instant. This plugin includes powerful sample playback instruments with the highest quality.

Arcade: Conclusion

Inspiration is a key ingredient within the music composition business—and Arcade offers pure inspirational ideas. It is a game-changer plugin for enhancing loops and manipulate them. Not only that: it is a great plugin that offers endless possibilities to choose from. In conclusion, Arcade is a wonderful tool for music production. This plugin has updates on a regular basis and each version offers new amazing enhancements. However, sadly, it has a downside: it is only available by subscription, but you can download it for both iOS and Windows.