Ozone is a suite type plugin that includes amazing mastering tools. It offers a wide variety of presets to help users get inspiration from creative material. Artists can also use the learn function included, as well as analyze tracks or an entire musical piece. Starting a project from scratch is fairly easy with this outstanding plugin.

Ozone: the Tools

The Ozone plugin contains a master rebalance tool, a stereo imager, a low-end focus tool, an EQ, an exciter, a maximizer, a tonal balance knob, a dynamic equalizer, a vintage limiter, a spectral shaper, a dynamics module, a vintage shape module, an EQ matching tool, a track referencing tool, and a vintage shape compressor. You can use all tools to master songs. In addition, you can reorganize them in many different ways. Also, you can use them as separate plugins in a Digital Audio Workstation. In short, Ozone is an amazing plugin that is extremely easy to use for both professional users and beginners.

All About Mastering

Ozone includes a master assistant which adds vintage and modern vibes to achieve adequate loudness for streaming. It also includes a match EQ to add customized equalization from different reference tracks. What’s more, it also has a tonal balance control that maintains frequencies at bay. Overall, this plugin adds creativity to the mastering process: it helps to polish finishing touches and create amazing musical content by using a wide range of presets. In other words, it works wonders for streaming audio because it helps users get confident about their masterpieces. 

Ozone: Conclusion

Ozone is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin. In general, it is an amazing mastering tool that adds life to ordinary sounds. This plugin integrates the best technology and makes it fit into one small box. In sum, it provides all types of sound engineers with the highest-quality tools and offers amazing sound editing and designing tools that add an outstanding spark to the final mix. Plus, you can use it on both iOS and Windows.