SSD5 is a powerful drum plugin that enables users to create drum kits from scratch and fine-tune existing sounds with amazingly helpful tools. It allows producers to choose between analog processed drum samples and unprocessed ones. Moreover, it includes several presets and extremely useful tools, such as kicks, snares, toms, crash cymbals, hi-hats, chinas, splashes, and percussion instruments. Additionally, this plugin contains ADSR controls and diverse mic placements settings. Plus, its design is for both beginners and experienced users.

SSD5: the Library

SSD5 gives users access to a huge sound library to help them build amazing drum tracks. Users from all skill levels can benefit from this amazing plugin. The reason is it has a user-friendly interface dozens of precision samples. Furthermore, it contains drag-and-drop rhythms and fills for radio-ready drums and backing tracks. In general, users can easily get inspiration by preset kits that artists modeled. 

SSD5’s Latest Version

The latest version of SSD5 features an extremely intuitive interface, an advanced playback engine with high resampling capabilities, and a wide assortment of instruments. In addition, this plugin is highly flexible and adjustable, just as it offers a faster routing. Particularly, the new edition includes a master fade for easier level matching and gain staging, a mixer section fader grouping, an audition section to preview drum sounds, and an instrument loader. Similarly, the sound library contains precise virtual drum tones to suit every need. Overall, it allows users to build, trim, and augment songs in a jiffy, and it provides artists with a wide range of tempos, genres, and time signatures to choose from. 


The SSD5 plugin is a nice alternative when looking for a complete drum plugin. It offers a wide selection of sounds for recording and jamming. More importantly, it is versatile, easy to use, and customizable. It contains the best sounding drum samples available and you can download it for both iOS and Windows.