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Filter MINI

Filter MINI from Arturia is a software plug-in recreation of the original hardware of the famous Dr Moog’s low-pass ladder filter.This plug-in has been perfectly recreated and has new fantastic and exciting features that are ready for modern music producers and sound designers. You can add a warmth and smooth curation to your music productions…
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ProVocative by Boz Digital Labs is a pitch shifting plug-in that works by micro pitch-shifting your audio in a quick and easy way. With this plug-in, you will be able to apply low and high pass filters to your micro pitched tracks with a simple interface that is composed of wet and dry knobs to…
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Beatport DJ Web App

Beatport has only just released its new DJ Web app that will most likely mark a new generation of mixing with the ability to discover music in a very intuitive and user-friendly way. This means that now, anybody, whether you are a pro DJ and or new to DJ’ing, will be able to prepare your…
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Flux Mini

The Flux Mini is an envelope shaper plug-in by Caelum Audio, they guys that are behind the charming Tape Cassette 2, which is an emulator for the tape cassette era, perfect for a lo-fi house and lo-fi hip hop production. This easy sidechaining and creative modulation platform are free to download for desktop and iOs.…
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Cutoff Filters

To understand what cutoff filters are, one must first learn what a filter is. In physics, a filter is a porous device for removing impurities or solid particles from a liquid or gas thet passes through it. In the audio universe, filters operate in a very similar way. A cutoff filter is a processor that…
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Low Pass Filter

In essence, a low pass filter, also known as LPF, is a filter that lessens or eradicates all the frequencies that are higher than the cutoff frequency. People also know it as a high-cut filter or treble-cut filter. Regardless of the name, it works by passing the low-frequency signals and blocking the high-frequency ones. Low…
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