ProVocative by Boz Digital Labs is a pitch shifting plug-in that works by micro pitch-shifting your audio in a quick and easy way. With this plug-in, you will be able to apply low and high pass filters to your micro pitched tracks with a simple interface that is composed of wet and dry knobs to tweak into your mix. Smaller-scale pitch moving isn’t a new effect. It may be a trick that has been utilized for decades to thicken and broaden vocals, synths and guitars (a few individuals indeed utilize it on drums). So why did Boz Digital Labs make another one? We guess they just needed to give out one that is simple and easy to use.

Diving into its functions, the Band Limit gives you the capacity to apply a low and high pass filter to your miniaturized scale pitched tracks has proven to be unimaginably important. Take off a bit of the high and low end of your pitch shifted tracks to urge a decent smooth unobtrusive widening. The Mix Section gives you natural wet and dry knobs so you can simply mix them together however you want them to. If you prefer a blended style mixing technique, you’ll empower the link button, and the wet and dry knobs act as mix handles instead to make a unique mix.

The Filter Section is the most interesting expansion to conventional pitch-shifting is its high- and low-pass filter segment, which empowers you to choose the recurrence to range it applies micro-shifting to via slider. You’ll be able to bypass or enable these filters by clicking on the HPF or LPF images. These filters will only EQ the wet sound, clearing out the dry sound unaffected. The most advantage of the filter section is that it empowers to thicken or extend a particular recurrence extend whereas holding an in general more characteristic sound—unless you need to go full robotic. With Width, you will be able to widen your pitch shifted tracks, with Pitch you can control the range and with Delay you can top it off with depth for your track.

Image: Boz Digital Labas