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Beatport DJ Web App

Beatport has only just released its new DJ Web app that will most likely mark a new generation of mixing with the ability to discover music in a very intuitive and user-friendly way. This means that now, anybody, whether you are a pro DJ and or new to DJ’ing, will be able to prepare your…
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Flux Mini

The Flux Mini is an envelope shaper plug-in by Caelum Audio, they guys that are behind the charming Tape Cassette 2, which is an emulator for the tape cassette era, perfect for a lo-fi house and lo-fi hip hop production. This easy sidechaining and creative modulation platform are free to download for desktop and iOs.…
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PreSonus Fat Channel XT

PreSonus Fat Channel Xt is a complete array of plug-ins that are designed to integrate flawlessly between Studio One and StudioLive mixers. In the package, you will find award-winning processors and vintage EQ’s as well as compressors to use on your favourite DAW. Fat Channel XT is curated with the ultimate strip so you can…
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Cutoff Filters

“A filter is a porous device for removing impurities or solid particles from a liquid or gas passed through it”. In the audio universe, filters operate in a very similar way. A cutoff filter is a processor, that can attenuate or completely remove certain partials out of any given frequency spectrum when the signal is…
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High Pass Filter

In essence, a high pass filter (HPF) is a filter that tempers all the frequencies that are below the certain cutoff frequency and allows the frequencies that are above to pass. High pass filters can appear at many stages of the signal path, like the microphone, the amplifier, the equalizer or the plugin. The slope…
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