Pan Knob


The Pan Knob plug-in by Boz Digital Labs is a natural-sounding pan knob that will help you by solving the common issue of unbalanced mixes with algorithm technology. Thanks to this technology you can get smart panning for frequencies that are unpanned and need special treatment in sound for headphones. This plugin may be a pan knob in a plugin format. But the truth is the way conventional panhandles works is no the best for headphone listeners, and agreeing to surveys, almost 87% of individuals tune in to their music on headphones.

Have you ever tuned in to a mix that had one instrument panned hard to one side? It sounds alright on monitors but sounds horrendous on headphones. That’s since conventional panning doesn’t take headphone audience members into consideration. Have you ever listened to a mix where you’ve got two unmistakable guitar tones panned to inverse sides, but one dominates the low conclusion and makes the complete mix feel unbalanced? That’s since conventional panning treats all frequencies similarly, even in spite of the fact that our ears don’t.

Aside from just sounding way better, it encompasses a few alternatives to form it more helpful to utilize. It incorporates a fast “Pan Swap” that will allow you the opposite panning position with the press of a button. It has fast one button settings for the foremost utilized pan positions. You’ll select which pan law is utilized, and select between Adjust and Pan for your stereo tracks. Sometimes you want to pan more than 100% the good thing here is that Pan Knob will let you pan over 120%.

When panning with Pan Knob, an entire modern world of panning is opened up to you like a mixer. Since it sounds normal wherever you pan your tracks, you aren’t restricted by the conventional panning rules that have ended up standard. You’ll pan any tracks wherever you need whereas keeping them sounding great and natural.

Image: Boz Digital Labs