Auto-Tune EFX

music production knowledge

Auto-Tune EFX by Antares Audio Technologies is a multi-effects rack that has been designed to work like an auto-tune. This plug-in is a versatile vocal production and processing tool that combines features that are present in auto-tune plus an extensive multi-effects rack. For the producer, engineer, or performer trying to find honest to goodness real-time Auto-Tune pitch rectification, Auto-Tune EFX+ gives a proficient arrangement with low idleness for live execution or following within the studio. Completely flexible Retune Speed and Humanize parameters let you fine-tune the required effect for your tracks, from straightforward pitch rectification to the complete Auto-Tune Effect.

New to this plug-in is a broad multi-effects rack that opens up a world of imaginative conceivable outcomes, from unpretentious improvements to extraordinary vocal changes and transformations. It incorporates six diverse effects modules, an XY Pad for real-time parameter control, and a library of multi-effects patches planned by industry driving makers, composers, and sound architects. Some of the main features are real-time, low latency Auto-Tune pitch correction with completely flexible Retune Speed and Humanize parameters let you accomplish everything from straightforward pitch adjustment to the total Auto-Tune effect.

There is a greater feature that can accompany Auto-tune but is sold separately and that is the automatic key and scale detection unit. The Auto-Key plug-in automatically identifies the key and scale of your music and sends that data to one or more occurrences of Auto-Tune EFX+. Auto-Key may too be utilized to at the same time to set the Key and Scale parameters of different instances of Auto-Tune EFX+, sparing profitable time within the studio. Auto-Motion is a melodic pattern generation that gives you the ability to create new and fresh melodic patterns and hooks by auto pitching and shifting the original source of vocals or instruments.

Image: Antares Audio Technologies