FreshTunes is a music distribution platform for both beginners and experienced musicians and producers. It focuses on those who aim to sell their music on the biggest online music stores. Artists are able to upload their content for free—keeping the total revenue from their sales. In addition, it helps musicians share their creations while they get their payment and maintain 100 % of the rights for their tracks. Overall, this global distribution platform allows users to upload their content—and the rest is ready in up to 24 hours.

FreshTunes: Professional Consulting

FreshTunes empowers artists as it provides professional consulting for each track submitted. It evaluates the music content in order to determine if they can brand them for promotion. If they are, independent musicians receive powerful feedback on their work. In this respect, feedback is an amazing strategy to boost a professional career.

A Modern Advertising Program

FreshTunes serves as a modern advertising program that includes professional evaluation, helpful advice, and amazing promotion opportunities within the music industry. Additionally, it provides a detailed report that allows independent artists to get specific stats and useful data. With this information, they can manage their music content in a more efficient way.

FreshTunes’ Business Model

FreshTunes has a fair and unique business model. Most importantly, it is a transparent platform that supports independent musicians. And it does so by boosting their professional careers within the music industry. This platform has a lot of growth potential and offers peculiar strategies and tools for its users.

FreshTunes: Conclusion 

In conclusion, this easy-to-use interface offers live chat support, professional assessment, promotional campaigns, artwork production, music mastering, and much more. This music distribution platform is user-friendly and works on zero fees and commissions. Moreover, it allows independent artists to set pre-order, release dates, and start sales dates.

The downsides? It lacks many useful features, the list of distribution outlets is quite small, and the analytics, stats, and data aren’t quite accurate. Regardless, it’s worth giving it a try.